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Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) is a product that depicts the assistance needed for the international students to meet the expenses of medical treatment they acquire while pursuing the education in Australia. OSHC ensures payments for medical purpose for the international students as similar to that of the Australian citizens. One of the vital prerequisite of the Australian Government for pursuing higher studies in Australia, the candidate must possess a valid Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) policy.

The OSHC policy mainly surfaces the following features as below:

  • Day surgery accommodation.
  • Benefit amounts listed in Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee for medical services outside the hospital.
  • 100 % of MBS fee for in hospital medical services.
  • Accommodation wards sharing facility for public hospital.
  • Accommodation wards sharing facility for private hospital.
  • Prosthetic devices implementation.
  • Pharmaceutical aids up to $ 50 – $ 300 per annum for single membership and $600 for family membership.
  • Ambulance services.

Although, the OSHC policy doesn’t provide the expenses briefed as below:

  • Arrangement before the arrival of the candidate in Australia.
  • Medical services acquired while travelling to or from Australia.
  • Transport of overseas student/dependent candidates to or from Australia.
  • Compensation and damages done.

A lot of universities and educational institutions acquire a preferred provider deal with a specific insurer. In spite of having the OSHC provider, most of the students go with the default option, either being unknown about the service or choosing the simplest option.


Some of the beneficiaries on progressing with a preferred provider are as follows:

On campus claiming: The students have an ease of claiming the OSHC service on campus.

Bulk billing on campus: The students can have the medical services for a measurable timing and can receive the bulk bill of the preferred providers at once.

Altered policy conditions: Some of the OSHC providers have a preferred provider agreement with an educational institution where the specific policy is offered.