Study In New Zealand


New Zealand is accredited as one of the renowned countries for providing a quality education offering excellent study opportunities and support facilities with a provision of a safe learning environment. Over the years, the country has become popular choice of destination for international students who seek high quality education abroad.

The universities at New Zealand offer Academic, profession and vocation studies which is also prior in polytechnics, colleges of education, secondary schools and private training establishments. Moreover, many English Language Institutes and private English Language Schools are located throughout the country.

New Zealand’s national education system is based on the British system. The institutions that provide education service for international students are required to be signatories to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. The code is a document introduced in 2002 designed to ensure all signatories provide a high standard of pastoral care to meet the needs of international students who pursue education in New Zealand. International students in New Zealand are taught in an English speaking environment, where they are facilitated to actively participate in class discussions and activities, aiming to the practice and usage of English on a daily basis for language adaptability.

About New Zealand Education

Although New Zealand is one of the fairly popular destinations to pursue higher education as an international student, the education expenses are fairly expensive. The schemes for the education cost are briefed below:

  • The costing for Arts/Social Science courses which are at range NZ$15,000-20,000 (Around £9,680) per annum.
  • The costing for Science and Engineering courses which are at range NZ$25,000 (£12,000) per annum.
  • The costing for Dentistry and Medicine courses are the most expensive degrees which are at range NZ$75,000 (£36,300) per annum.
  • There are few scholarship schemes available for international students pursuing higher education in New Zealand, which are mostly covered for PhD students.


Living Expenses

The living expenses in New Zealand is cheaper as compared to other countries like Australia, UK and USA. It roughly comes around NZ$15,000 per year which is NZ$  1,250 per month if we talk about the living expenses. Although, the country offers adult minimum wage as NZ$16.50 per hour which is quite a help for the international students to cover their education cost and living expenses. The full time students are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours a week according to the VISA condition. On a weekly basis, the cost for accommodation/rent, food expenses, transportation expenses, and other requisites is $380-$480 per week which is about $20,000-$25000NZ per annum.

Silent Features in Gist:

  • It has quality education in an affordable tuition fees as compared to the USA, the UK and even Australia.
  • Varieties of locations are there like cities or semi developed areas.
  • Colleges or Universities under NZQA, a regulatory government body.
  • Highly qualified tutors maintaining highest standards in performance and connection with different industries and organizations. Besides, the education based on prestigious education system of the UK.
  • ITPs, PTEs and Universities with balanced focus on both theoretical and practical training.
  • Multicultural diverse learning environment in most of the education providers.