Study In Poland


Poland is ninth largest and sixth populated countries in Europe. The international students who seek to pursue higher education in Poland are benefited by the country’s relatively low living costs which remain below those of most EU members. There are more than 500 universities in Poland, most of which are private universities. The Polish higher education system is well developed. The quality of the education provided is monitored and regularly evaluated. The main Polish institutions in charge of quality assurance in higher education are: the Polish Accreditation Committee, the General Council for Science and Higher Education and the Conference of Rectors of the Academic Schools in Poland. Over 5000 courses are available in Poland although each of them has to gain the Polish Accreditation Committee’s approval. Over the years, the country has grown fairly popular among international students and its universities have been developing international curricula, as the population of foreign students pursuing higher education is more than 70,000.

About Polish Education

Education in Poland is moderate as compared to the other education destinations. Moreover, the polish government avails various services for international students who prefer to apply at Poland for higher studies.

Some of the key features to apply for higher education at Poland are briefed below:

  • Poland plays an active part in the Bologna Process which is a three-stage education modeled on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies as well as the European Credit Transfer System, foreign students studying in Poland stay fully mobile and can continue their education elsewhere in the European Union.
  • The education costs are 2,000 EURO for Bachelor’s, Master’s degree courses and professional studies.
  • The education costs are 3,000 EURO for Ph.D., specialized and vocational courses.
  • Private Polish universities have fairly expensive tuition fees of approximate 50,000 EURO per annum, depending on the level of education and specialization.
  • Foreign students pursuing higher education in Poland are provisioned the attractive and diversified education opportunities meeting high European standards.
  • International students can study medicine, biotechnology or engineering, but also art and business.
  • The diploma awarded to the international students upon graduation is recognized Europe-wide and also in key countries of the world.
  • The education fees at universities are fairly cheaper compared to other education destinations hence are affordable, typically no more than US$4,180 at public universities, and US$6,600 at private institutions.

Living Expenses

The living cost in Poland is moderate as per the preferences. The accommodation cost for students who wish to live on university campuses is 169 EURO per month and the cost for living outside ranges from 450 – 850 EURO per month based on the location. The food expenses usually averages around 100 – 150 EURO per month, transportation cost is about 50 EURO as a semester pass is provided for the public transports. Moreover, scholarship schemes are also provided by the Polish government to the international students on education service.